In order to maintain our agility and ability to produce impactful results quickly, we tend to focus on a few key initiatives at one time, and no more. In 2020, this proved effective, as we were able to initiate and complete two important projects. In 2021, we will continue with this approach.

2020 Initiatives

IMF Registration API

IMF has taken the media industry by storm…but what about dealing with its packages at a services level?

This is really about registering stuff that you’ve made, finding stuff that you need, deleting registration entries that are stale, updating registration entries because you’ve modified them or moved them.

Status Reporting and Logging

Assembling solutions based on services from multiple vendors is great, but when it comes to tracking the success (or lack thereof) of executing those services, it’s the Wild West.

We created a standardized framework to address this, and make it simple to make sense of all of this across vendors.


If we don’t all use a common set of terminology and mean the same thing when we use those terms, interoperability is just a pipe dream.

A common taxonomy is critical to solving this, and is a critically important ongoing effort.

2021 Initiatives

Jobs, Services, Infrastructure and Platforms

We introduced the idea of Jobs in the Status Reporting and Logging project. We will expand on that with this project, aimed at making cross-platform and cross-vendor deployment much simpler than it is today.

Standard Platform and Security

Agreeing on a standard platform, or set of tools to be used is fundamental to interoperability. This project will tackle that, along with security concerns specific to media, which aren’t already handled by that which is inherent in hosting platforms.

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